Next October 14th we will celebrate World PhotoBook Day, after Anna Atkins’ publication Photographs of British algae. Cyanotype impressions. This has been acclaimed as the first book made out of photographs ever, and on the 177th anniversary of the acquisition by the British Museum we’d like you to join and celebrate with us.

We hope you are healthy and we are thinking of you and yours with this pandemic. As many people will be living in a lockdown place, we are not encouraging anyone to gather this year. Instead we thought we can share our photobooks from home through video, recorded or live. Maybe you have a substantial library or just a couple of photobooks, a professional video set-up or just your mobile, you are encouraged to share your photobook love.

For those recording a video, please upload it to a public website and share the link on our facebook page with the hashtag #PhotoBooksAtHome.

Other actions you can undertake to celebrate locally this global event:

Post a #PhotoBookDay Selfie or a Shelfie on social media: an image with you and your current favourite photobook.

● Ask your local library to buy local self-published photobooks and photozines, we are sure you can give them some ideas.

● Buy a photobook. Many bookshops and publishers will make special discounts for the day.
Follow your favourite bookshops on social media or search for #PhotoBookDay for offers and discounts.

● If you make or sell books, offer your customers discounts or some special goodies. If you run a bookshop a special 5% discount, or free shipping costs, will make your clients happy. Don’t forget to announce it with #PhotoBookDay on your usual social media channels.

● Show your love for photobooks via via instagram or twitter with the hashtag #PhotoBookDay.

We have some visuals you can use to add to your posters and social network communications that you will find on this site. And please, tell us what you did for World PhotoBook Day 2019. We hope we all have fun this day with photobooks.

Organise! Participate! Celebrate! World Photobook Day has been set up as a collaboration between the organizers of Photobook Club Madrid, Victoria Cooper, Doug Spowart and Matt Johnston. Celebrating the photobook, born in 1843.

Bonifacio Barrio Hijosa
Matt Johnston
Victoria Cooper + Doug Spowart



  1. Seipersei celebrates the World Photobook Day with an amazing promotion! If you buy one book on the 14th of October you will have another for free! http://www.seipersei.com

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