Two days of selected photobooks to enjoy via Zoom, is the proposal of this ‘Kumpul Buku Foto Yogyakarta 2021’, a gathering that will be online and for free, for any who wants to join. Take a look at the wonderful list on images, taken from here, with all the details to assist to this online […]

Dispara is one of those oasis for photobook lovers. Tono Arias is a very active person in the photography local community, his shop is a meeting point in the aera, you can see him in every book fair, he organises exhibitions, gatherings and also publishes photobooks. What more could you ask for?To celebrate this especial […]

A couple of photobook launchings next weekend at Apertura Centro de Fotografía y Artes Visuales in Málaga, Spain by Lydia Fernández on Friday and Alejandro de Dueñas on Saturday morning. They are going to talk about their books Primavera Robada and A penny for your thoughts, respectively. This talks will be available also online. More details […]

A weekend to celebrate World PhotoBook Day! With talks, books signings and even a Fair, Ballarat International Foto Biennale spares no expenses, hurray for them! All the info on their website. We are thrilled to present our second FotoBook Weekend on October 16 and 17, celebrating World Photobook Day at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale. […]

This is the ninth call from PhotoBook Club Madrid to honor Anna Atkins and her photobook, the first in history. In fact, they started all this celebrations with Matt Johnston. It was back in 2013, on the 170th anniversary of the date written in the book that now belongs to the British Library. This year […]

On the first days of 2021 another PhotoBook Club was born, PhotoBook Club Cádiz, in southern Spain. They proposed a quaterly schedule, and here they are in their third meet-up to celebrate Anna Atkins creation. They meet in the venue of a very active collective, UFCA Colectivo Fotográfico, which is not only a group of […]

Past year Miradas al Fotolibro platform started and they chose October 14th as the reference date to say Hello! to the world. This year their activities have grown, they will expand from September to December with online talks, labs and a collective virtual exhibition that will open on World PhotoBook Day!

Next October 14th we will celebrate World PhotoBook Day, after Anna Atkins’ publication Photographs of British algae. Cyanotype impressions. This has been acclaimed as the first book made out of photographs ever, and on the 178th anniversary of the acquisition by the British Museum we’d like you to join and celebrate with us.

This year we asked everyone to stay at home with their photobooks, instead of meet up with other people, and to participate making a video commentary, live or recorded, about a photobook of their preference. This is the list of video commentaries we’ve found on the net with the hashtag proposed for this year #PhotoBooksAtHome, […]

Maybe you didn’t know it, but in Spain there was a explosion of PhotoBook Clubs. Almost half of all the PhotoBook Clubs that opened around the globe was founded in a spanish city, being the first one in Barcelona, and then Madrid, Toledo, Gijón, Murcia, Valencia, Campo de Gibraltar, Logroño, San Sebastian… Guadalajara has been […]