This year we asked everyone to stay at home with their photobooks, instead of meet up with other people, and to participate making a video commentary, live or recorded, about a photobook of their preference. This is the list of video commentaries we’ve found on the net with the hashtag proposed for this year #PhotoBooksAtHome, […]

Maybe you didn’t know it, but in Spain there was a explosion of PhotoBook Clubs. Almost half of all the PhotoBook Clubs that opened around the globe was founded in a spanish city, being the first one in Barcelona, and then Madrid, Toledo, Gijón, Murcia, Valencia, Campo de Gibraltar, Logroño, San Sebastian… Guadalajara has been […]

For the first time, the platform Miradas al Foto[libro] has organized three days of activities, with the support of the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí to celebrate the World PhotoBook Day 2020. Those activities include online talks to different approaches of the photobook making and they will be recorded on their youtube channel. Some […]

And another classic is to produce a collective photobook after Anna Atkins first self made, self produced, self published photobook, between PhotoBook Club Madrid and the Library of Fine Arts Faculty, UCM. It will be also a self-photobook, but collective, with the help of everyone that wants to participate by sending a picture or text, […]

San Telmo Museoa in San Sebastian-Donostia and Gabriela Cendoya Bergareche Collection are two classics in World PhotoBook Day. For this year full of social restrictions, they are offering you a table plenty of photobooks. The selection comes from two lists, the PHE’s Best Photography Book of the Year Award 2020 and an alternative list of […]

En este día homenajeamos esta apasionante revelación con un encuentro virtual de autoras y autores del ABYA YALA que han publicado bellos ejemplares en nuestro continente

Next October 14th we will celebrate World PhotoBook Day, after Anna Atkins’ publication Photographs of British algae. Cyanotype impressions. This has been acclaimed as the first book made out of photographs ever, and on the 177th anniversary of the acquisition by the British Museum we’d like you to join and celebrate with us. We hope […]

In Thailand, I had held Photobook club twice but that were before 2015. At that time, there were not many Photobook’s lover in Bangkok and we use too little advertise on our event so just 6 people came and most of them were our close friends. But when I’ve run Vacilando Bookshop in 2017 and […]

The festival continues! Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta repeats their participation on this global celebration of photobook love and organizes a two days meeting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. If you are in the area get in contact with the organizers: Budi N. D. Dharmawan and Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta.   View this post on Instagram KUMPUL BUKU FOTO YOGYAKARTA […]

PhotoBook Club Canarias also join this yearly celebration of photobooks introducing them (maybe for their first time) to the students of photography in the High School of Design and Art Fernando Estévez in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands. View this post on Instagram El día 24 de octubre estaremos haciendo una actividad para lxs […]