This beautiful tandem formed by PhotoBook Club Madrid and the Library of the Fine Arts Faculty of UCM is still joining to celebrate year after year the birthday of the first ever photobook published. For this year you will be able to assist to a performed class by the Library director, Javier Pérez Iglesias, in […]


Welcome Perimeter Books to the day of the photobook! While they are present in Melbourne, online and at Printer Matter New York Art Book Fair, they also have the time to manage this offer you can check on their instagram post, follow their instructions: Offset Projects PopUpuntil 18 October, 2022 ~ 11:59pm AEDTPerimeter Books online […]

If Dispara is not celebrating this day, is not worthy at all. They are one of the most loyal photbook related business celebrating with us, they appear year after year in our map of celebrations. There are others, of course, just take a look on your social media and check these hashtags: #PhotoBookDay or #WorldPhotoBookDay, […]

If you have a public library near home you have a treasure, and for people near Algeciras the UFCA’s Photobook Library this is a great opportunity to celebrate the day of photobooks and know this big treasure they have. Specially for those of you that don’t know exactly what a photobook is. Don’t be shy […]

PhotoBook Club Kuala Lumpur is preparing an online gathering around nine photobooks. Follow them on ig for more details! These nine books are:

From time to time we like to stress the role of photobook readers in this little bioma made of publishers, binders, designers, bookshops, libraries…. and photographers, of course. And here we’ve found this great example. Mandoflex/Niels shares with us his collection of LeeFriendlanders, thirteen plus one left forgotten: Here is the list, first the forgotten […]

We are very happy Offset Projects are organising a PopUp with an evening of readings and talks. Reading is so important in the photobookie micro-niche that hearing of an activity like that is really exciting. They will meet around some photobooks gathered from their own Offset Pitara and Library, curated/selected for the day. And for […]

Next October 14th we will celebrate World PhotoBook Day, after Anna Atkins’ publication Photographs of British algae. Cyanotype impressions. This has been acclaimed as the first book made out of photographs ever, and on the 179th anniversary of the acquisition by the British Museum we’d like you to join and celebrate with us.

Two days of selected photobooks to enjoy via Zoom, is the proposal of this ‘Kumpul Buku Foto Yogyakarta 2021’, a gathering that will be online and for free, for any who wants to join. Take a look at the wonderful list on images, taken from here, with all the details to assist to this online […]

Dispara is one of those oasis for photobook lovers. Tono Arias is a very active person in the photography local community, his shop is a meeting point in the aera, you can see him in every book fair, he organises exhibitions, gatherings and also publishes photobooks. What more could you ask for?To celebrate this especial […]