Gallery of Photography joins!

Gallery of Photography celebrates World PhotoBook Day with a PhotoBook Club Dublin meet-up discussing about “the thorny question of Distribution“:

Photobook Club – Distributing and Selling your Photobook

The Photobook Club organises get togethers for everyone interested in Photobooks. There is no formal membership process – just come along and join in!

Come celebrate World PhotoBook Day!
Monday October 14th 2013, 6.30 – 8.00pm  in the Gallery of Photography
Tea / Coffee provided. €2 on the door / Gallery of Photography Members FREE

For this Photobook Club event, we will take on the thorny question of Distribution, and will focus our discussion on the heading:  “Options and Opportunities for Photobook Distribution”

Every photobook maker devotes a huge amount of time and energy to the production of their Masterpiece… but after it arrives back from the printers, or when you get your copy from digital platform such as  Blurb – what then? How do you get it into bookshops? How do you gain an international profile for your title? How can you approach wholesalers (eg Easons) and what are the likely costs?

To set you on your way to domination of distribution channels, The Gallery of Photography Bookshop is offering to display and sell your self-published photobooks. We are also happy to advise on pricing. Just bring your photobook in on the night and we’ll get you started…
The terms are:
1. Sale or return, with 75% of retail price going to the maker (ie you) and 25% going to the Gallery of Photography Bookshop.
2. A maximum of 3 copies of each title will be held, except by special arrangement.
3. Titles will be stocked for a maximum period of 3 months, except by special arrangement.
4 After the 3-month period is up, it is the responsibility of the maker to contact the Gallery and to invoice for copies sold and/or to collect unsold copies, as appropriate.

We want these terms to be as maker-friendly as possible, so if you have special requirements please contact Michael Lawlor, Darragh Shanahan or Tanya Kiang or call into us at the Gallery Bookshop.


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