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Tweets and links—The friday after 01/pics from activities

After the World PhotoBook Day hangover there will be some new posts gathering some tweets and links about all the activities that took place past 14th October. We hope all of you had an exciting day full of recommendations, with your favourite photobooks, or at your favourite bookshop, maybe with friends or just in your […]

#PhotoBookDay in the #USQHub

It seems not only Melbourne, but Australia is really into photobooks this year. With this one, we have six activities there, two in Brisbane, three in Melourne area and this one in Toowoomba Campus of USQ. Take a look to the map. Michael Sankey has organize a very nice meeting. At the bottom of this […]

Toowoomba, Australia joins!

Victoria Cooper and Doug Spowart are organizing an event in Toowoomba: http://wotwedid.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/world-photobook-day-event-october-14-toowoomba/ Cheers!