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Santander PHOTO celebrates #PhotoBookDay 2016

Santander PHOTO is a festival held on june, but they also organize some other activities along the year. And to celebrate World PhotoBook Day, they are going the have a meet-up in the photobook club style at casyc Up and they will make a photobook with participant’s photos. Celebraremos el nacimiento del libro que editó […]

Tweets and links—The friday after 01/pics from activities

After the World PhotoBook Day hangover there will be some new posts gathering some tweets and links about all the activities that took place past 14th October. We hope all of you had an exciting day full of recommendations, with your favourite photobooks, or at your favourite bookshop, maybe with friends or just in your […]

Speed photobook dates @ Santander Photo

From Santander -in Spain- arrives a very playful celebration for World PhotoBook Day. Santander Photo organizes a “Speed Photobook Date” as they call it. It consists of bringing your loved photobook to share your love with the rest of participants. They are also going to make a photobook of photobooks with participant’s pictures. We will […]