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Tweets and links—The friday after &06/The Map

The map is just a way to visualize places in which took place some kins of activity around World PhotoBook Day. As you can see they are polarized between England, most of it, Iberian Peninsula and Australia. That could reflect that there are more people in those places making the network of photobook clubs active […]

Tweets and links—The friday after 05/Selfies and Shelfies

In this chapter of the chronicle of this year’s World PhotoBook Day there is only celebration. People sharing books, selfies and shelfies: Its World Photobook day, a few from my collection. Books by @driftingcamera, @JAMortram, @jon_tonks & @academicsam pic.twitter.com/CecA9wRP2K — Travis Hodges (@travishodgesuk) October 14, 2014 A few of my collection in honour of #WorldPhotobookDay […]

Tweets and links—The friday after 03/last minute programmed activities

There were also last minute proposals of activities to celebrate World PhotoBook Day. There are all kind of celebrations, from launchings, private photobook viewings, including a one-year-of-photobooks video and magazine: PhotoBook Club Barcelona made this digital fanzine as an homage to all who collaborated with them, places and participants, in these nine months of activities: […]

Tweets and links—The friday after 02/last minute offers from bookshops and publishers

During the day many bookshops and publishers were announcing their last minute offers, these are the ones I’ve found on twitter with the hashtags #PhotoBookDay or #worldphotobookday. If someone made theirs through instagram or facebook I couldn’t reach them. But you can include them in the comments to continue the list, as you can imagine […]

Tweets and links—The friday after 01/pics from activities

After the World PhotoBook Day hangover there will be some new posts gathering some tweets and links about all the activities that took place past 14th October. We hope all of you had an exciting day full of recommendations, with your favourite photobooks, or at your favourite bookshop, maybe with friends or just in your […]

Tweets and links—The friday after 04/critics or reflections and some humour

Everyone have his opinion of an event like this, last year we have already a couple of jokes and critics. Not extrange this year we have more of every kind. And for sure there will be more and more, it’s healthy for all the photobookie community, isn’t it? If fact we had critics, also recommendations, […]

Einer Books

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