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CARMAM, photobook launching in Madrid

Carmam is the title of a photobook made by Rocío Gutiérrez. And “autofotorrelato de un cáncer de mama” (selfphototale of a breast cancer) is the subtitle. As you can read on her web: carmam. autofotorelato de un cáncer de mama is a photographic and biographical work about personal and shared experience. The autobiographical element ceases […]

‘Ven y hazte un selfie con tu fotolibro favorito’, in Madrid

And this is how we are celebrating World PhotoBook Day in Madrid. “Come and make a selfie with your favourite photobook”, is the meaning of the title, and we are following the idea Doug Spowart and Victoria Cooper developed past year on PhotoBook Club Brisbane. We’ll be morning and evening at the Fine Arts Faculty […]

Blank Paper Escuela accepts donations for their library

Another library repeating this 2015: Blank Paper Escuela. You can go there from 5 to 9pm and enjoy their exhibition of photobooks and dummies made by students in the reception hall. They also will be showing some of their recent purchases on instagram. NOTE: Don’t forget that they’ll decide whether to accept or not your […]

‘Los fotolibros cuentan’ in Madrid

‘Photobooks counts, photobooks tells’, could be and aproximation to translate this title with double meaning. We are meeting at the Library of Fine Arts Faculty in Madrid to let people tell us why love a special photobook. It can be one of the photobooks selected and displayed by the members of the Library or one […]

Library of Fine Arts Faculty in Madrid accepts donations

As you may know, we celebrate the purchase by the British Museum of Anna Atkins’ book, 172 years ago. For the second year we proposed libraries to include in their archives self-published photoooks and photozines. For the second year, too, the first library to accept this proposal is Biblioteca de la Facultad de Bellas Artes […]

2015 List of Libraries accepting donations for World PhotoBook Day

This year we know British Library was, if not first, one of the first customers purchasing a copy of Anna Atkins’ cyanotypes book. And for the second year, we propose libraries to accept donations of self-published photobooks and photozines, and to record them with the same date, October 14th. We know not every book is […]

Tweets and links—The friday after 01/pics from activities

After the World PhotoBook Day hangover there will be some new posts gathering some tweets and links about all the activities that took place past 14th October. We hope all of you had an exciting day full of recommendations, with your favourite photobooks, or at your favourite bookshop, maybe with friends or just in your […]

Hey Photozines @ Sandwich Mixto

It’s great World PhotoBook Day can become a space for launchings, either new branches of PhotoBook Club or new photobook contests. This time is an open call to exhibit and sell your photozine at the photography fair jäalphoto, next february 2015. It’s organized by an old friend of PhotoBook Day (is that possible?) Virginia de […]

Discounts on Photobooks @ Ivorypress, Arts & Books

Ivorypress is well known to Photobook Club Madrid followers: we have co-organized a few events with them. A place to feel at home. Tomorrow they are celebrating World PhotoBook Day offering a 5% discount on all their photobooks: For second year in a row, Ivorypress joins the global celebration of World PhotoBook Day. The date […]

‘β beta, de la maqueta al libro’ @ Lens Escuela de Artes Visuales

‘β beta, from the dummy to the book’ is the title of this exhibition at Lens Escuela de Artes Visuales. This school in Madrid moved recently and now opens a new exhibition space called ‘The Showroom’. It will open next tuesday 14th october at 19:00 h and there you will find this exhibition of dummies […]