Santander PHOTO is a festival held on june, but they also organize some other activities along the year. And to celebrate World PhotoBook Day, they are going the have a meet-up in the photobook club style at casyc Up and they will make a photobook with participant’s photos. Celebraremos el nacimiento del libro que editó […]

And this is how we are celebrating World PhotoBook Day in Madrid. “Come and make a selfie with your favourite photobook”, is the meaning of the title, and we are following the idea Doug Spowart and Victoria Cooper developed past year on PhotoBook Club Brisbane. We’ll be morning and evening at the Fine Arts Faculty […]

Barcelona was the first branch starting meet-ups out of the UK, and this year they are joining forces with La Nuu, a photo festival hosted by Rubí a city in Barcelona province. So, to celebrate our day, they are going to talk about “Entre tú y yo” a book by Maite Caramés, also with Valérie […]

Here is the first Club branch celebrating World PhotoBook Day. They started on 4th October and for three days they are having all kind of activities around photoboks. MACA, the contemporary museum of Alicante, is hosting all the acitivities. Follow them on twitter, and check the calendar here. Tue, 4th – Thu, 6th October 2016 […]

Yes, this is the fourth year we are celebrating World #PhotoBookDay. October 14th marks the anniversary of the purchase by the British Museum of the first known photobook: Photographs of British algae. Cyanotype impressions, by Anna Atkins. Now this first copy belongs in the British Library. We celebrate our passion for photobooks, we rejoice that […]

La Fotoescuela is a young school of photography in Valencia, Spain, run by Jorge Alamar. They also have a library, a little one at the moment, which is used as a tool for their classes. So if you are in Valencia and you want your photobooks in their library, get in contact with them. They say: […]

Another library repeating this 2015: Blank Paper Escuela. You can go there from 5 to 9pm and enjoy their exhibition of photobooks and dummies made by students in the reception hall. They also will be showing some of their recent purchases on instagram. NOTE: Don’t forget that they’ll decide whether to accept or not your […]