World Photobook Day Bangkok 2019 at Books & Belongings, Bangkok

In Thailand, I had held Photobook club twice but that were before 2015. At that time, there were not many Photobook’s lover in Bangkok and we use too little advertise on our event so just 6 people came and most of them were our close friends. But when I’ve run Vacilando Bookshop in 2017 and after 3 issue of Bangkok Artbook Fair event seem the vibe is more interesting and more people show up and joined us. So I had a chance to bring back the Photobook Club again in this year.
For me, I think this is the first World Photobook Day event that ever held in Bangkok or in Thailand. And also the Photobook culture in Bangkok is still small but by the audience who had come on the event day, they seem to be happy and enjoy all the events and books that we’ve presented.

As now we have a physical selected bookshop, we present the books and also Photobook club with curated theme as ‘Nature’ to be displayed for the whole month in October, so the book lover can come visit and read all the books free of charge during the event. And we made special event on October 14th which is World Photobook Day, we gather up and explain what is World Photobook Day and also why we selected theme for this month Photobook Club as nature. Beside, we gave 10% off discount on every purchased at that day.

I’ve talked with some of my customer about our events from the following month since I’ve physical bookshop in March 2019. They said this is nice that we have something like this in Bangkok. He met new friends from the event and he could share his idea not only photography but also in general topic according to the theme I’ve asked the member to bring books to joined.


Alongside from the participants on World Photobook Day event, some of them weren’t photographer or photobook lover at all. They were illustrator and artist who love Botanical and interested in the topic of nature. And these kind of event can be bound the people here in Bangkok together! As I’m the organizer of the event, I’ve been so proud that I could made this in my city. I hope that in the long run there would be more people to join us and more discussion to
come from the upcoming event.

text and photos by
Withit Chanthamarit
Owner of Vacilando Bookshop, Bangkok, Thailand.

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