28ª Reunión del Photobook Club Montevideo @ Casa Arbus, Montevideo ~ 22.10.2019

The PhotoBook Club in Montevideo also honours the first ever published photobook with one of their meetups. And this one is the 28th! The date will be 22nd and they ask everyone to bring a photobook under the topic of their meeting, which is the expanded editorial design, «publications that innovate in the incorporation of elements from other arts that complement the narrative of the photobook and traditional design, whether drawing, painting, illustration, objects, typography, collague etc.» Very interesting approach, isn’t it? More info, in spanish, on the event they’ve created.

En el marco del World Photobook Day convocamos al siguiente encuentro del Photobook Club Montevideo dedicado al diseño editorial expandido.
Nos encantaría que asistan con publicaciones que innoven en cuanto la incorporación de elementos provenientes de otras artes que complementen la narrativa del fotolibro y el diseño tradicional, ya sea dibujo, pintura, ilustración, objetos, tipografías, collague etc.
Les esperamos, asistencia libre y gratuita.

28º Reunión del Photobook Club Montevideo
Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019, 8:30-11:30 GMT-3
Casa Arbus
Canelones 1989

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