Natalia Baluta joins World PhotoBook Day celebrations

If you don’t know the work of Natalia Baluta, what a better occasion to check her website and books. She is part and founder of Russian Independent Selfpublished, together with Alla Mirovskaya and Elena Kholkina, a collective made «in order to represent and promote photobooks of Russian authors abroad under circumstances of insufficient institucional support.» She is happy to celebrate World PhotoBook Day with this offer in russian and english:

Завтра знаменательный день -175 лет исполняется фотокниге. Именно 14 октября была помечена в 1843 году книга Анны Аткинс о водорослях. Присоединяюсь к всемирному празднованию дня фотокниги, и, так как моя книга #постепенноеморе тоже в некотором роде о водорослях, всю следующую неделю ее можно будет заказать с бесплатной доставкой и всего за 2 т.р. Просто свяжитесь со мной.
Tomorrow is a remarkable day – photobook day, exactly 175 years ago on October 14, the first-ever photobook – Anna Atkins’ book about algae was attributed in the library. I am joining the worldwide celebration of this photobook day, and since my book Sea I become by degrees #seaibecomebydegrees is also in some way about algae, till end of the next week it will be available to order with free shipping worldwide at just 45€ (usual price is 50€ + delivery). Just let me know if you are interested

Natalia Baluta
Sea I become by degrees

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