ceiba editions: World Photobook Day Giveaway 2017

Ceiba editions is one of those publishers that have been participating year after year since 2014, which we appreciate so much. For this year, their are making a giveaway of one of their photobooks. You can participate from now until Sunday. All the details must be consulted here.

Happy World Photobook Day!

October 14th celebrates the birth of the photobook, way back in 1843, with the creation of the first known photobook Photographs of British Algae by Anna Atkins.

We at ceiba love photobooks, 3 years and 7 1/2 books later, we are happy to continue creating and sharing them.

We’re celebrating World Photobook Day with a giveaway, again, it’s becoming a tradition! Tell us about your favorite photobook in a comment below (any photobook!). One lucky person will be chosen at random to receive a free copy of one of our available titles: Father Figure, I Ditched Class and I Took a Bath, I Love You, I’m Leaving or the upcoming The Restoration Will, your choice!

Entries are accepted from NOW until Sunday, Oct 15 at 11:59pm EST. Have fun, we certainly do!

ceiba editions
World Photobook Day Giveaway 2017
from to until Sunday, October 15th ~ 11:59 pm EST

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