La Fábrica celebrates World PhotoBook Day introducing CASA

La Fábrica is the organizer of PHotoEspaña, a big photo festival that takes place every summer in Madrid. They also runs a gallery-shop with a big selection of photobooks. They are organizing this talks to introduce in Madrid this project: CASA. Here is their calling:

El 14 de octubre se celebra el día del Fotolibro y nosotros nos queremos sumar a la celebración con una presentación de un proyecto muy particular de la mano de Óscar Monzón y Antonio M. Xoubanova: CASA




Sat, 14th October 2017, 12:00 h.
Celebramos el día del Fotolibro con la presentación de CASA
La Fábrica
c/ Alameda, 9

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  1. […] Fábrica bookshop is organizing an activity for Saturday morning, but maybe you were expecting this other announcement. They are giving away tote bags for purchases […]

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