Cooper+Spowart. An invitation: Contribute to Photobook Shelfie

Doug Spowart and Victoria Cooper organized a great acitivity for World PhotoBook Day 2015. They asked people to make a self-portrait with a favourite photobook, and to accompany this selfie with some lines commenting the book. With the result they made an exhibition at Maud Gallery in Brisbane, and a second version at The Photography Room, in Camberra. For this 2016 they are preparing a virtual activity, and asking everyone to show off their shelves and make shelfies out of them. Follow this project on this facebook page.



In 1971 ED RUSCHA, for some the ‘Father’ of photobooks, wrote a piece called the ‘THE INFORMATION MAN’ in which he stated that he would like to know the placement and whereabouts of all of his books in the public domain… It has some interesting comments about books and libraries…

He thought his Information Man would tell him these facts…

• 17 are actually placed face up ‘With nothing covering them
• 2,026 are in vertical positions in libraries
• 2,715 are under books in stacks
• 7 have been used as swatters to kill small insects
• The most weight upon a single book is 68 3/4 pounds
• 58 have been lost
• 14 totally destroyed by water or fire
• 216 could be considered badly worn
• A whopping 319 books are in positions between 40 and 50 degrees

This World Photobook Day project seeks to visually describe the state of photobook shelves around the world.

WE THEREFORE INVITE you to make a photo of your photobook library, or just a shelf to contribute to the record of photobooks in 2016 that all began on October 14, 1843. KEEP IT SIMPLE… just a quick snap and send it thru…


An invitation: Contribute to Photobook Shelfie


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