CARMAM, photobook launching in Madrid


Carmam is the title of a photobook made by Rocío Gutiérrez. And “autofotorrelato de un cáncer de mama” (selfphototale of a breast cancer) is the subtitle. As you can read on her web:

carmam. autofotorelato de un cáncer de mama is a photographic and biographical work about personal and shared experience. The autobiographical element ceases to be showcase for the author to become research and story as part of the process of contemporary creation and action. Tells the process, stripped of the suspicion to the disease, taking intimate drawing to the public. Being the Act of shooting one of the bi-directional communication. This combination between public-private transforms this self-photo-short story project on an object with intent to go beyond the self-referential.

The book was crowdfunded and she is finally going to launch the book next friday 14th October in Madrid.

Friday, 14th October 2016, 7:30 pm
Carmam. autofotorelato de un cáncer de mama
Librería Bajoelvolcán
c/ Ave María, 42
Lavapiés, Madrid


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