Cuarta reunión PhotoBook Club Montevideo

Montevideo hosts its PhotoBook Club since 2014, they had their first meet-up on May 2014, and for this forth one, they decide to make it coincide with our loved World PhotoBook Day. PhotoBook Club Montevideo is currently run by Cecilia Rivero and Federico Estol.

12030394_1233293756737468_5939129070513170215_oThey invite everyone with this poster that says, in spanish:

Invitamos a todos a la 4ta reunión del PhotoBook Club Montevideo para celebrar los 172 años de la primera publicación basada en fotografías.

La consigna es que cada participante exponga un fotolibro. También hablaremos sobre el primer libro fotográfico: Photographs of British algae.


Something like:

We invite everyone to the 4th meet-up of PhotoBook Club Montevideo to celebrate the 172nd anniversary of the first publication based on photographs.

The indication is that every participant present a photobook. We also talks about the first photographic book: Photographs of British algae.


Wednesday 14th October, 8pm
Cuarta reunión PhotoBook Club Montevideo
Contraluz Art Hotel
Jackson 865

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