Cooper + Spowart in Brisbane

11930965_1044451918929121_3513461987019716166_oThey are the first ones. Because they are the first ones organizing an event for this year, and at the moment they will be the first celebrating the day. It will be in Brisbane, Australia, and they are Doug Spowart and Victoria Cooper. They started a PhotoBook Club in Toowoomba and now in Brisbane they are organizing this all day event with Maud Creative, that includes:

My Favourite Photobook exhibition
Throughout the day at MAUD CREATIVE we will present an exhibition featuring the covers of the favourite photobooks selected by photographers from all over the country. Alongside the print of the photobook cover will be a ‘Why I like this book’ statement and a portrait of the photographer reading the book in their favourite place.

Your Own Photobook Library’ (Book) activity
As a special celebration activity we are offering a ‘make your own library’ book-making project where attendees can select copies of their favourite book (covers) from photocopies we will have available, and bind them into a special World Photobook Day book using simple book-making methods which we will have available.

My Favourite Photobook Forum + Photobook-Making Activity
Selected participants of the ‘My Favourite Photobook’ exhibition will participate in a forum in which they will discuss their books as well as aspects of photobook collecting and possession. A charge of $10 will be made for attendance at this forum which includes an opportunity to ‘Make Your Own Photobook Library’ (book).

More details on this page at PhotoBook Club site and for the news check their facebook group. Some activities are free and for any of them you need to book your tickets here.

Wednesday 14th october, 11:00 am – 8:30 pm
Maud Creative
6 Maud Street
QLD 4006

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