Atlas: Photobook Club Donostia-SS

logo-tabakaleraDonostia-San Sebastian is a city in the north of Spain, by the Bay of Biscay, famous for their International Film Festival, pintxos, those little gastronomic delicacies, and many other things.

Photobook Club San Sebastián are organizing meet-ups since march 2013, and is currently run by Jon Cazenave, Lurdes Basolí. Yosigo was the third one, inspiring this club. All of them great photographers with interesting works.

This is the first year they organize something to celebrate the day, and are joining forces with Tabakalera, a new center for contemporary culture. They have a program of monthly meetings called Atlas, and this time they will dedicate it to self-publishing on photography, although they are going to celebrate it on october 28th, two weeks after. Anyway, if you are in Donostia or surroundings, don’t doubt to drop in:

The October session is part of the monthly meetings in which various aspects in the world of desktop publishing are dealt with. On this occasion, starting on World Photobook Day on October 14, Photobook Club Donostia-SS will be attending. Desktop publishing and photography will be the focal points of this sixth meeting of Atlas, where we will talk about publications, methodologies and other concepts involved in the editorial process. See you there!

Wednesday 28th october, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Atlas: Photobook Club Donostia-SS. Fotografía y autoedición
Mandasko Dukearen Pasealekua, 52 / Duque de Mandas, 52
20012 Donostia-San Sebastián


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