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The map is just a way to visualize places in which took place some kins of activity around World PhotoBook Day. As you can see they are polarized between England, most of it, Iberian Peninsula and Australia. That could reflect that there are more people in those places making the network of photobook clubs active and pushing their neighbours to participate. But there were, let’s say, official celebrations on the five continents, just one in Africa, four of them in Asia, and then America, Oceania, and the main amount of them in Europe.

Some bookshops or publishers don’t want to be related with any particular place—they are altogether with blogs and other online activities  in the limbo of date change meridian. And many of them are online business so they were placed in gardens or parks on their cities, just to have an idea…

It’s easy to see the amount of places involved have increased quite much if you compare it with 2013, more than double. And as you will presume, yes, we hope in the coming years this coloured spots will continue spreading all over the globe.

Your comments will be much appreciated.


  1. […] be as simple as sharing your loved photobooks with with your friends, they are photobookies or not. On this map you can consult some of the activities organized on 2014. And here we can propose easy actions you can take to celebrate locally this global […]

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