Tweets and links—The friday after 04/critics or reflections and some humour

Everyone have his opinion of an event like this, last year we have already a couple of jokes and critics. Not extrange this year we have more of every kind. And for sure there will be more and more, it’s healthy for all the photobookie community, isn’t it?

If fact we had critics, also recommendations, reflections, thinkings, jokes about the prices of some books, about excesive buying, acknowledgements… It’s worthy a selection of them here.

Continue the conversation of any of this topics on its original source or here in the comments. If you want to publish a long post, just write us.


David O’Mara: Not sure the world needs a World Photobook day? Just another excuse for the pedlars of mediocrity.

Iain Sarjeant: It’s #photobook day today – support independent publishers @thevelvetcell @BrownOwlPress @caferoyalbooks @AntlerPress @TripleKiteBooks

Julian Calverley: A book related shout out for @LHBindery @wayneford @BeyondWordsCoUk @DewiLewis @TripleKiteBooks #worldphotobookday

Gary Austin: Photo: smalltowninertia: #worldphotobookday  I have a LOT to thank this little book for. This was the first…

Jim Mortram: It’s #worldphotobookday today, so my love goes out to @caferoyalbooks for being the most passionate, exciting publishers, right now! X

kozu books: I have purchased 6 #photobooks today #worldphotobookday i purchased these before i knew it was #worldphotobookday
you dont need a special day to buy a #photobook buy one everyday!

Jonathan Shaw: Can a book with no pictures still be a photobook? #worldphotobookday

Gabby Sarmiento: World Photobook Day and Kungfu Noodle. Fuuun!

Julian Calverley: Thanks to those who supported @LHBindery yesterday by ordering my #IPHONEONLY book.. very much appreciated #worldphotobookday

The Tuesday Group: As if we needed an excuse to buy more books #PhotoBookDay

METALUNUN: Today’ world #PhotoBookDay ????

UN OF PHOTOGRAPHY: It’s international #PhotoBookDay time to visit the shelves…

Thomas Seelig: Today is #PhotoBookDay. Take your time to go to a #library, a #shop or to your #bookshelf.

Melinda Gibson: Happy #photobookday enjoy the delights that fill the pages of the book you read!

Sonia Mangiapane: There’s a World #PhotoBookDay? okay then.

SMBHmag: Photobooks are to photographers, like selfies are to teenagers. #PhotoBookDay

phot(o)lia: Today is a #PhotoBookDay!!! Who is celebrating? And who is buying more books today?! 😉

Foam: Treat yourself on #PhotoBookDay: Best books of the decade, according to @ParrStudio, starting at €25000:

Rachel Sato-Banks: Got €25,000 lying around? Bid for Martin Parr’s Best Books of the Decade to get into #worldphotobookday spirit.

UN OF PHOTOGRAPHY: A photobook should be a tactile, emotional, challenging, questioning, revealing, investigative journey between 2 covers #PhotoBookDay

Caitie Moore: Today is #PhotoBookDay. Hug a publisher! What’s your most recent purchase? Here are two of mine.

Dan R Talley: Today is #WorldPhotobookDay! My library needs #26GasolineStations. Any donors?

Rachel Sato-Banks: Why can’t it be #worldphotobookday every day?! 50% special discount on @UnseenPhotoFair Magazine with code WPD14

Sam Tickell: Today being #PhotoBookDay makes me realise I need more photo books. Particularly from @McKlein_Rally and Rainer #Schlegelmilch @GettyImages

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