Tweets and links—The friday after 03/last minute programmed activities

There were also last minute proposals of activities to celebrate World PhotoBook Day. There are all kind of celebrations, from launchings, private photobook viewings, including a one-year-of-photobooks video and magazine:

PhotoBook Club Barcelona made this digital fanzine as an homage to all who collaborated with them, places and participants, in these nine months of activities:
Photobook Club Barcelona 2014


Queensland Centre for Photography members viewing of selected photobooks
An event by Doug Spowart and Victoria Cooper


Some pictures from the events coordinated by Doug Spowart and Victoria Cooper at The Edge, Queensland, and at Queensland Centre for Photography:


Photo-eye made “A Year’s Worth of Photobooks In Just Over 2 Minutes” video and showed it on their blog


There was another giveaway, this one of 5 books by Professional Photographer


Fiebre Fotolibro was launched to coincide with World PhotoBook Day:

phot(o)lia is sharing Latin American books from her collection on IG:


Cuatro Cuerpos had some little problems with his BookJockey but finally he could publish his video:


Wawi Navarroza an artist living in Manila wanted to donate her book to public libraries, and looked for advise on facebook:

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