Tweets and links—The friday after 01/pics from activities

After the World PhotoBook Day hangover there will be some new posts gathering some tweets and links about all the activities that took place past 14th October.

We hope all of you had an exciting day full of recommendations, with your favourite photobooks, or at your favourite bookshop, maybe with friends or just in your own photobook thinkings.

These posts will be about lists of things we couldn’t post here previously due to we had a full busy day, and some reactions in tweets/pictures shape. Let’s summarize:

01/ Pics and tweets from organized activities (including instagrams, facebook, links…)

02/ Late or last minute offers from bookshops and publishers

03/ Late programmed activities

04/ Critics or reflections and some humour

05/ Selfies and Shelfies

06/ The Map


Let’s begin with a few moments from some of the activities that took place around the globe. It was a global party!

Some are just an example of a facebook album, you will have to click to see them all. If you organized any activity and have a link with an album, some pictures, etc., please, include it on the comments.








Follow the link to see “Just a brief post to say thanks to all who made #PhotoBookDay a huge success across the world with more events, discounts and musings than last year.



Excerpt from tv program “Casa das Artes” by RTP Madeira in which Carolina Azkue speaks about this photobook “outo olhar”, first of  Zyberchema publishing house, launched on World PhotoBook Day.








San Diego









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