Bob Books offers discounts

Don Brown from Bob Books sends us this great offer for everyone wanting to create a photobook with them. As they say on their website Bob Books “offers today’s digital photographers, artists and designers the ability to create a personally-customised, beautifully-presented photobook”.


He announced to us some days ago:
We’re going to do a 20% discount off all photobooks (creating them – the prices for people selling them are set by the creators), so anyone who wants to make their own book can do so at a discount.

Recently at Bob Books we started putting together a series of contributions from people who have made photobooks through us. This is called ‘My Bob Books‘ and gives the stories behind the publications; we’ve got photographic portfolios, hobbies, holidays, family events, wildlife – and poignant memories of family life. Every book that is created through us is unique, and each has a unique story.

That’s one of the reasons Bob Books was keen to support World Photobook Day – we know the power of a book of photographs. Whether the books are amateur or professional, one-offs or mass-market, they each have a story to tell and each means something to someone. In a world of digital images and instant sharing, the physical and the tangible become even more important.

If you’ve got images to translate from the digital to the physical, visit Bob Books, download our software and create your own photobook. We’re giving 20% off all orders made before the end of World Photobook Day itself, just use the code 14WPD20. More details here

And the offer is live now, read it carefully. It will only apply until the end of Tuesday, 14th October, British Time. Suscribe also to receive newsletters like this.

He also published on their blog this article by Matt Johnston in which he describes what is and why he thinks World Photobook Day must be celebrated, a celebration as open and inclusive as possible, and as an extension of The PhotoBook Club nuclear purpose, and other details you already know like how you can get involved.

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