Three days of celebration in Bangalore!

Three days of celebration in Bangalore, three!

World Photobook Day Celebrations @ Thalam, Bangalore

Thalam is a “space created for connecting Creators, Patrons and Audience”, and so they teamed for this special occasion with Goa – Center for Alternative Photography and Darter Photography to organizing these 3 days full of activities for all photobook lovers in Bangalore.

Check all the activities they have prepared to celebrate the day on facebook or if you prefer out of facebook, on allevents:

Scheduled Activities:

– Listen to a photographer sharing views on photobooks at a Special Edition of “Koota.”

– Photo Exhibition at Thalam. Selected work from World Photo Day Celebrations.

– Bring your favorite photobook, discover new books and have conversations about photobooks with friends

– Post a #PhotoBookDaySelfie on social media: an image with you and your current favourite photobook.

Donate a photobook or photozine to Goa-CAP public library for Photography. We will acknowledge your generous donations with a social shout!

– Buy a photobook from a bookstore near you or buy a self-published book from your friend.

Sunday 12th – Tuesday 14th october
World Photobook Day Celebrations
Level 2, 80 Patel Rama Reddy Road
Krishna Reddy colony
Domlur, Bangalore


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  1. […] economical resources to achieve that they are also asking the community to contribute through their three days celebration along with Thalam and Darter […]

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