Photobook Club’s ‘Natural Collection’

It turns out that this year’s proposal to donate photobooks to public libraries could serve to make visible to the photobookie community new public libraries and collections of photobooks gathered in new and interesting ways, like the one Goa-CAP is trying to form, or this one by our mates of The PhotoBook Club Matt and Lucy, which is called ‘Natural Collectionwhich aims to explore the harmony, tension and play that occurs in our relationship with nature and the natural landscape.
A friendly nudge and reminder that the Photobook Club’s ‘Natural Collection’ is looking to grow out and up with submissions taken not only from established photographers but also from students, graduates, small publishing houses, poets, novelists, illustrators and sculptors. Plus, if you needed an excuse – how about world Photobook Day coming up on the 14th October – a day that not only celebrates the photobook but also recognises Anna Atkins ‘Photographs of British Algae’ as the first of it’s kind – a book that would surely find a suitable home here in the Natural Collection! If anyone has a copy and wishes to donate… 😉
The collection’s next stop will likely be at the University of Huddersfield 
To donate or find out more head to 
More details of this action in the list of Libraries for World PhotoBook Day 2014 and on the map, look for the blue markers.

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