Some other things that happened on Monday

Here I will post some other events, celebrations and offers I couldn’t post last Monday. So maybe you will notice this post grows in the next few days.  wiljax, Inc logowiljax gallery made a 20% discount on their photobooks by Eudora Welty, and announced it throught this tweet:

It’s World PhotoBook Day! 20% off on Eudora Welty photo books in our gift shop! …

Actual Colors May Vary, from Germany, is an online magazine by Julia Schiller and Oliver Schneider, and they celebrated the day with an article full of links and resources related with photobooks.

Light Work is an artist-run, non-profit photography and digital media center. They offered a discount of 15% in their signed photobooks, through this message on twitter and on facebook:

 World #PhotoBookDay is here! Take 15% OFF signed photobooks from Light Work with the code BOOK13! TODAY ONLY!

Added 19.10.2013

664823_463079613750630_1151506864_oPhotoBook Club Toledo, in Toledo, Spain, remembered Anna Atkins’ cyanotypes in their website showing some images of their ‘British Algae’ including a couple of pictures of one of the unique books preserved from that time.
Bad Weather Press is an independent publisher of zines using photography and illustration and was founded in 2004 by Robert Roura and Pere Saguer, from Barcelona, Spain. They did a talk at Escola Massana, so they announced with this banner and this message on their facebook:

On 14 October is International Day of the photobook. We noticed this with the nice poster from PhotoBook Club Madrid . We are not going to be in Madrid, but we will be doing a talk in Barcelona and bring some #CapitalismoBarbarie with us. 🙂

And this is what they published on facebook, and this on their twitter to celebrate the day and their recent photozine ‘Capitalismo Barbarie‘.

  Reminders Photography Stronghold is a gallery in Tokyo with a full program of activities. Here is their announcement of the activities to be held last October 14th:

10/14は世界写真集の日だそうです。#PhotoBookDay、この日の夜には「Away From Home」の写真家クルサット・ベイハンとThe Pink Choiceの写真家Maika Elanが所属するMoSTのディレクター、エリシオ・バーバラとの夕べを計画中です。

クルサット・ベイハンの「Away From Home」とMaika ElanのThe Pink Choice、いずれもRPSで期間+部数限定で販売します。10/14のPhotoBookDayの夕べは、本をお買い上げ下さった方とRPSメンバー のみなさまをご招待する特別企画になります。

Here a tweet by Yumi Goto for you english speakers:

We plan to organize an evening with the author of Away From Home, Kursad Bayhan from Turkey on #PhotoBookDay! October 14th. @RPStronghold

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